COVID-19:- An alarm set by nature

COVID- 19 is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered novel coronavirus. It has an incubation period of 14 days i.e. one who is affected by it, will start showing symptoms within 14 days. Its symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, high fever, body aches, difficulty in breathing, severe respiratory illness, diarrhoea etc. Till now, there is no specific vaccine for it. Coronavirus was unknown to mankind before the outbreak of COVID-19 began in Wuhan in Hubei province of China in December 2019. Slowly and gradually, it got spread to all the continents of the world except Antarctica. Lakhs of people are suffering from it and it had already engulfed many lives.

But do we actually need to blame coronavirus for all these mishaps?
My answer would be a Big NO because viruses and bacterias are living on this Earth since millions of years, even before humans came into being. It's just that we have discovered them in December 2019. We actually found tools to see them. 
Coming to the pandemic which has been declared by  World health organization due to COVID-19, the widespread deaths are happening because we (humans) have invited it. We did not put a stop on our geediness, whims and desires. We used nature in whichever ways we liked without even giving a thought to our actions (whether they are good or bad for us in the long run). So, nature discovered ways of forcing us to ponder over our actions. Nature has backfired us( who used to fire nature till today). Clearly, nature is taking revenge from us that what we sow is what we reap

I can substantiate my statement with examples. 
Coronavirus came into contact of humans from sea food market of Wuhan. If humans have not fed upon these animals, it would not have affected them. 
Till now, we extracted so much of fossil fuels and used it indiscriminately, bringing about pollution of air, water, soil and what not. We established industries and factories to produce things and sell them for our economic gains. We destroyed forests and chopped down innumerable trees to feed our rising numbers, set up factories, construct roads, buildings etc without giving a thought where we are heading to. We killed so many animals to satisfy our  appetite. Crying over all these losses for this many years, nature, slowly and gradually, evolved and found ways of setting everything right, of getting things done in its ways. Hence, Coronavirus got spread in all those nooks and corners where humans are existing. It forced people to stay at homes, self isolate themselves, quarantine themselves and keep social distances just the same way we caged animals, isolated them in zoos, destroyed their habitats thereby creating distances between them. Now, we are reeling under same pain with which nature once reeled.  We are unable to come out of our homes in expensive cars which has greatly reduced air pollution and carbon footprints, thereby giving Mother Nature the time to heal. Humans are so engrossed in fulfilling their greediness that every year,  Earth overshoot day comes earlier. We are using up the planet's resources so quickly that a year's worth finishes up in just 7 months. This means we are using nature 1.7 times faster than our planet's ecosystem can regenerate it. 

Earlier, we used to set forests on fire so that we can get it cleared for agricultural purposes but now, nature has set human settlements on fire so that we could repent for our wrongdoings and mend our ways. Example- Fires that got erupted in New South Wales, Australia in 2019-20. 

What we did till today was Humanisation of Nature but now the time has changed and Phase 2- Naturalisation of Humans has started. My dear friends, Nature is ringing alarm bells, it is high time that we shake and awake ourselves and stop hurting Mother Earth ( stop using nature for our selfish interests) otherwise the day is not far, when we won't have time to cry over the spilled milk. 
                    Spread Love not Hatred

(Views expressed are personal)

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