CORONA- A virus or a conspiracy?

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak has happened, the world has been in the state of shock. With lakhs of cases and thousands of deaths reported till now, the outbreak has caused global panic and furor. Despite the city of Wuhan, which happens to be the epicentre of the outbreak, quarantined and flights to China suspended, the virus has crossed international borders and creating havoc in other parts of the world. But something is not right with the global spread of this disease, it does not look like normal outbreak. Hence, many conspiracy theories have come up in this regard.

Theory no.1- Coronavirus has originated from the Institute of Virology (which is biggest testing centre of viruses in the world) is situated in Wuhan, China. China was probably testing some kind of biological weapon and hence this region became the epicentre of the disease. 

Theory no.2 - Many evidences also suggest that virus originated in wildlife market of Wuhan. Virus probably jumped from bats to pangolins and when pangolins were consumed by humans, the virus got transmitted to them (consuming pangolin scale is thought to aid sexual performance in Chinese traditional medicine). Many scientists had warned of such consequences and asked for a ban on wildlife trade following the Severe Acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003 but trade was banned only for sometime. Why China did not pay heed to scientists?

Theory no.3- World health organization did not get permission to visit China for 2 weeks to get the ground report about the outbreak of the disease. By early January, some doctors had discovered COVID-19 but the news was suppressed  and whistleblowers were punished. It was only on 21 January that the Chinese government acknowledged the virus for the first time although the 1st case of COVID-19 was detected back in October 2019 only. Then, on 23 January, the Chinese government announced lockdown of Wuhan. However, it was too late to do so as till then, several people had travelled to different parts of the world for Chinese New year holidays. Why the Chinese government was not transparent in disclosing the disease outbreak? 

Theory no.4- Shanghai is economic capital of China and Beijing is administrative capital of China. Distance between wuhan and Shanghai is just 840 km and the distance between Wuhan and Beijing is just 1152 km. But, why these big cities of China did not get affected by coronavirus although it affected brutally the places far located such as New York and Washington in USA, Milan and Venice in Italy, Tehran in Iran, Madrid in Spain etc.?
The far situated economic and administrative capitals of developed countries are suffering badly but the economic and administrative capitals of China are safe. The economy of many countries like USA, India, Iran and many European countries have  come to a complete halt. Probably, Coronavirus has been used by China as a biological weapon against USA in wake of rising trade war. China aspires to become a global super power surpassing USA and hence it is trying to suppress the economies of all those countries to which it sees as a competition.

Theory no. 5- Share markets of many countries have undergone a rapid fall but Chinese share market has witnessed just a minor fall inspite of the fact that China is the epicentre of the disease. Why?

Theory no.6- China has been engaged in tongue war these days by engaging in reverse propaganda war and backlashing USA and other countries that virus did not originate from China but from other countries.  Although, no country is directly blaming China for the outbreak of the disease. Everybody is just saying that China could have been more proactive and could have informed about the virus earlier. A law professor in Beijing Xu Zhangrun wrote a very strong blog stating "coronavirus has revealed the rotten core of Chinese governance" which was taken down later from the internet. Why China is hidding truth and not excepting its mistake?

Theory no. 7- According to an ET prime report, a group of Chinese scientists in Canada were accused of spying and were stripped of their access to Canada’s National Microbiology Lab (NML) which is known to work on some of the most deadly pathogens. 

The alleged ‘policy breach’, highlighted the bioweapon program of other countries including China. Dr Francis Boyle, the creator of Bio Weapons Act, also claims that ‘the coronavirus is an offensive biological warfare weapon with DNA-genetic engineering’. So, is this a non conventional (biological) warfare in which China is indulging to become a global super power? 

Theory no. 8- There is no lockdown and quarantine type situation in most parts of China. They are working full fledgedly. Only Wuhan faced a lockdown, which will open soon. Recently, Chinese government announced that it has got greater control on the spread of virus and it will open its economy soon. How could China do so when many countries are still suffering and facing a Nationwide lockdown? 
Probably, China has the cure and vaccine of the disease and it does not want to share it with the rest of the world. Reason-  due to COVID-19 outbreak,demand for masks and sanitizers have gone up and China is continuously manufacturing these medical equipments to boost up its export sector. Many countries of the world are dependent on China for pharmaceutical products. Spain has spent 43.2 crore euros on purchasing medical equipments from China. At the peak of COVID-19 outbreak in China, Italy had donated Personal protection equipment (PPE) to China and now, when Italy is in dire need of these PPEs, China wants to sell it back to Italy. How inhumane gesture by China it is? To sell back the products to the donator. India also buys nearly 70% of its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from China for making various medicines. So, why would China stop its export sector from growing? It would first sell its masks, sanitizers, PPEs and then the cure of COVID-19.

I don't know about the reality behind these rumours and conspiracies but I know this very well that doubts come up only when truth is concealed. As the popular proverb says, "there's no smoke, without fire."  Why Chinese government has been arresting its own people for speaking out the truth? This kind of dictatorship and authoritarian system is what leads to such pandemics (allowing virus go viral). 

The only thing we can do for now is to get out of this COVID-19 menace as soon as possible and do not depend on China for trade purposes in future. Boycott 'made in China' products and embrace 'made in India' products.
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