How to reach and stay in Kumbh

How to reach Prayagraj and Kumbh

Prayagraj old name Allahabad in an ancient Indian city well connected to the world.

How to reach Kumbh. Find Hotels in Kumbh


Prayagraj city is well connected to all major Cities in India via the Indian Railways network. There are 10 Railway Stations in and around Prayagraj as listed below:

  • Allahabad Chheoki (ACOI)

  • Naini Junction (NYN)

  • Allahabad Junction (ALD)

  • Phaphamau Junction (PFM)

  • Subedarganj (SFG)

  • Allahabad City (ALY)

  • Daraganj (DRGJ)

  • Jhusi (JI)

  • Prayag Ghat (PYG)

  • Prayag Junction (PRG)

Routes of trains from all destination and their respective bookings can be made from the IRCTC website and RAILKUMBH App (for Special Train's).


Airport is about 12km from the main city and about 18km from Triveni Sangam (Kumbh Mela).

Address: Airport Road, Bamrauli,Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211012
Code: IXD
Elevation: 98 m


Prayagraj is well connected with all major cities via road network. Buses will not enter in the city from 1 January,2019 to control the traffic. Authorities have started Shuttle Buses from the four parking stations at the corners of the city. You can also opt for auto or Ola or any local travel agency from the Parking station.

Parking stations are

  • Belha Kachhar Parking on Lucknow Pratapgarh Road

  • Nehru Park Defence Parking on Kanpur Road

  • Leprocy Mission Parking on Mirzapur, Rewa Road

  • Roadways workshop Jhunsi Parking on Jaunpur Varanasi Road


Where to Stay in Prayagraj

You can stay at Hotels or in Tent City
especially built for Kumbh

List of Hotels in Prayagraj and
Tents in Kumbh is given below-

Tents in Kumbh City

S.No.Tent City NameWebsite UrlPhone No.Email
3Vedic Tent 99099 00776, +91 99099
4Indraprastham 8588857881/


S.No.Hotel NameEmailPhone No.
1Rahi IIlawart, Civil 9415311133, +91 532-2102784, +91 8004929778
2Triveni Darshan, 9415311133, +91 532-2558646
3Kanha Shyam, Civil- 532-2560123
4Ground Continental, Civil 532-2260631, 2260633
5Yatrik, Sardar Patel 532-2260921, 22, 23, +91 9935690925
6Milan 532-2421506
7Hotel 7388200886
8Allahabd 5322407835, +91 9415316321
9Samrat, Civil 532-2561200
10Prayag, Station 532-2656416
11Prayag 532-26224451
12Hotel Harsh 532-2427697/91
13Saket, Civil 7905020091
14Vilas, Civil 532-3209984, 2260878
15Aman Palace, Police 9389568981
16Galaxy, Civil 9918901108
17DPS, Kanpur 532-2420888
18Sundaram, Johnston 9648957039
19Kohinoor, Station 532-2655501
20Blessings, Civil 532-2406875 9415215912
22U.R., Civil 99839686876
23New Tepso, Civil Lines, 9415216572
24Mayur Guest House, Civil 9956767676, +91 9935501162
25J K Palace, Civil 9307090405, +91 532-22615
26Jai Maa Durga Lodge, Near Heera 8081017264
27Imperial House, Ashok 9415289340, +91 532-2622753
28Platinum Inn, Near High 8377004514
29Anurag, Station 9935474097
30Mandiram, 7388098405
31Vashistha, Johnston 532-2400004
32Ramakrishna, Civil Lineshotelramakrishna@gmail+91 9453673439
33Santosh Palace, Station 9984266661
34The Legend, Near Heera 532-2272200
35Star Regency, Civil 532-2420714
36Ajay International, Bahadur Shastri 532-2422026, 2422925, 2623843, +91 9336762824, +91 9336762825
37Crown 532-2557137, +91 9336619107, +91 8765428707
38Sun City, Johnston 9452960328
39R 532-3290102
40N.C.Continental, Johnston 532-2652629
41Polo Max, J.Railway 7706001509, +91 532-256100
42Hotel Kanha 9598744333
43Hotel Millennium Inn+91 7233885888
44Hotel Orchard One, 25/3B Lal Bahadur Shastri 9999700093,+91 532-2402583
45Milan 46 Leader 532-24037763
46Hotel Devlali, 13/25 New Army Line Barahana, Prayagraj+91 09453034277


We don't own any of the Hotels or
Tents mentioned above. Above information is best of my knowledge
but may have some discrepancies.
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